Baby Registry For Andrew and Tatiana Ulate


Andrew and I are welcoming another beautiful boy into this world and we couldn't be more happy! This time around we are wanting to capture every moment of the labor and birth experience. 

After having Ezra I was heart broken because we barely had any pictures of our experience becoming first time parents; and after having to get multiple medications I was left unable to remember a majority of that day. After 2 years I still get emotional about it, which is why we decided to hire a professional photographer to capture those precious memories to look back on. 

We both have decided that we would not be having a baby shower this time around as we already have most of what we need. But what would be an incredible gift, one that would last a lifetime, would be contributions to our birth photography. 

If you are unable to gift anything, prayers and well wishes for a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery are appreciated. 

Thank you so much for helping us reach our goal of having a photographer/videographer at our most treasured moments.  This is the absolute perfect Baby Shower gift for us!

Thank you!

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of our total investment.  Thank you
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