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Birth photography is all about documenting the moments leading up to a birth and then meeting that little one for the first time.  The birth of a child can be a blur when you think back to the day.  As a mom that has given birth I can tell you how the gift of a photographer was the most important thing to me.  In labor I was in my own world, contracting and not paying attention to those around me.  Had it not been for the photographer I wouldn’t have seen how those in my birth team supported me, or all the things that my husband did to help ease the pain in anyway that he could.  I wouldn’t see the emotion on all of our faces as I labored and delivered an amazing little boy.  I was so tired afterwards all I wanted to do was sleep and only a few days later couldn’t recall so much that had happened the day of my son’s birth.  But I have the photos.  I have the awe on Cody’s face as he becomes a new dad.  The reactions of everyone as they met Axle for the first time.  That was not only an important day for Axle, but it was a life changing day for myself.  I became a mom.  In that moment my view on life and how I handle it changed.  I became a woman that felt empowered and strong.  I gave birth, and that’s not easy.  


First I will call you!  I LOVE talking and getting to know you and hear your journey becoming a mom and/or dad. We will then set a date to meet in person at either your local coffee shop (I really love hole in the wall comfy coffee shops) or Starbucks near you.  This way we can get to know one another, answer and ask questions.   I want us to get to know each other and have a relationship so that you feel more at ease with me at your birth.  I am on call for 4 weeks- 2 weeks before your due date and two weeks after.  On -call for me means that I will stay within a 30 mile radius of my home.  My bags are packed at all times.  (more information about what on-call looks like here)


Once I get the call that your labor has started I head over.(This is normally around 6cm).  I’m with you until the end.  I will shoot your labor, the birth, newborn screening, herbal bath, or anything else that happens the day of.  We will capture the real, raw, 100% unscripted moments of your birth story through photography and/or film.