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What message are you trying to send?

What makes your company different?  What sets you apart?

According to, “brand identity is how that business wants to be perceived by consumers.”  Strong branding starts with effective visuals, from logos to fonts, but photography brings another element to the success of your marketing strategy.       

Your company may have a solid mission statement and business plan, but how is that purpose being translated to your potential client base?  How is your brand identity perceived?      

The ‘DITL’ documentary sessions are  great for businesses wanting more from their marketing plan.  Ideal for companies wanting to tell the story of what makes them different and above the rest, my pictures capture the heartbeat of your business, bringing an element of relatability to your clients.      

Branding through Storytelling . . .

Your session will cover your day to day business flow and highlight important aspects of your particular industry.  Once I understand the brand image you are trying to convey, I will document your story.  From the outside of your storefront to your personable interactions with loyal customers, your images will reinforce your branding.  Together, we will capture how your company is above the rest!

Your images can be used for marketing materials and advertisements, which will prove an invaluable asset over time.   

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