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Located in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas with Travel options

What if I don’t have my baby on the due date?:  

That’s ok!  I make sure that I don’t have anything planned out of town in the 2 weeks before or 2 weeks after your due date.  Anything that I do schedule during that time will be told prior to scheduling that there might be a cancellation if my birth momma goes into labor.  My own son was 12 days late, so I totally understand this worry!


What if I have an Emergency cesarean section?:                            

If you needed to have an emergency c-section,I am happy to photograph anything that will not hinder your safety or the safe delivery of your  baby. If allowed, I happy to follow you into the operating room. If not, then I will remain at the hospital until you are out of surgery, assuming it is not an unreasonable length of time, to photograph those first moments.


What it I have an Induction or scheduled cesarean section? Is there a discount?:             

  If you are planning a c-section, it is the your  responsibility to make arrangements with your OB to have the birth photographed. I am  willing to photograph the actual birth, just you and your partner during the birth, or prior to and immediately after the birth if the I am  not allowed in the operating room. For a planned c-section, I will arrive at the hospital when you do and photograph the admittance process, the birth if allowed, and stay 1-3 hours after the birth to photograph your sweet little one(s). If you are planning an induction, then I will arrive when you are  in active labor. Please check with the me, if possible, when scheduling times and dates for your birth.  There are no discounts for inductions or cesarean sections.                    


What if you can’t make my birth?:  

I work with backup photographers and cinematographer  in DFW as backups for each of my births should for any reason I can’t make it.  They will come and photography or film and then I will edit them so that you have to same editing style you hired with KE Documentary.  


What is my baby comes early?:                                      

In the event that the you experience a loss before 32 weeks, I  am willing to document the birth as planned or you  may opt to receive 50% of the coverage fee back. After 32 weeks, I available to photograph the birth as planned.  In both instances, I would stay longer after the birth and photograph the your  time with your family at no additional charge. If you have  a premature baby, I am  happy to document the birth as planned if possible. If I am  unable to make it to the birth, I  will come as soon as possible to the hospital to photograph the your family together. In the event that your  baby is born and requires immediate time in NICU, I am  happy to return to the hospital at a later time to photograph you with your new baby. This assumes that the baby was so sick that it could not be done immediately after birth. If you anticipate your baby spending time in NICU, please let me  know in advance.


What if I want a slideshow to share with friends and family?:

I do offer slideshows as a product!   I will  upload the film to my youtube channel after our ordering session for you to share via media and a copy of a custom USB for you.


What about adoptions?:

 I would love to photograph a birth adoption or an adoption into your home, those first few days of having your child(ren) home.


Would you documents doctor visits and follow my whole pregnancy?:  

Yes!  I would love to start at the beginning and be apart of each moment.


What about IVF/IUI?:

 If you would like your IVF/IUI or any other journey documented I would be honored to be the one to do that for you.


What if I want newborns too?:

 You get a $100.00 off your newborn session if booked with or after a birth where I am your birth photographer.


Are there any other discounts?:

 Yes, if you are using Barbara Davis as your Doula or a midwife from Edenway then you get $100.00 off discount at your ordering session.


Do you have a referral program?:   

I do.  You get a $10 check mailed to you for every person that books with KE Documentary. 


Will you travel overseas?:   


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Located in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas with Travel options


Do you travel?:

Yes, I have a passport! I will drive or fly wherever you are.  You will be responsible for any travel expenses.



Our lives are boring...what happens if we don't have anything to photograph?:

I can guarantee that your everyday life has more moments in it then you can even fathom. We will never be bored!  Think about your favorite moments growing up.  Was it the way your mom sang you to sleep, or the way your dad had one night a week he ordered pizza and you watch “your show” together.  Or how about the way your childhood homes was t or the fun moments of playing with your favorite toys outside with siblings.  What are the moments  you remember most?  Aren’t they more everyday moments you have the most fond memories of?   How much MORE would you remember them if you had pictures?



How do we act?:

You go about the day like its a normal day. The first hour or two might be weird but by that second hour its like I am a member of the family.



Do you have a favorite moment?:  

YES!  I love to suggest coming the last 2-4 hours your family is awake and getting ready for bed or to come over 30 mins or so before they wake up and stay for 2-4 hours in the morning.  


What can the video option add to my family’s ‘Day in the Life’?:

The video options take your documentary session to a new level.  By adding the elements of movement and sound, your memories will be preserved in such a way that years from now, you will be able to step back in time and re-live your history.  From your toddler’s sweet voice to his funny enunciations, the videos will ensure you never forget.  Even when he is taller than you with a family of his own, your baby boy will not be forgotten.  Contact me for more information on video packages and add-ons.