HELLO BABY (Fresh 48) 


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The Hello Baby sessions capture what life is like in the first days of your baby’s life.  I’ll come back either to your home or the hospital for a 2-3hr session and take photos of those that come to visit the little one.  This way you can rest from the day before, but you get photos of those early moments..  I’ll also make pictures of you and your family, your reactions to the new little one and how life is with a one day old little love.  If you had a baby at home or at a birth center then you most likely are already home and I stay another 1-2hrs and just show what it's like to have a newborn at home.  Those first moments, the love, the panic and the diaper changing battles.  This is a great way of getting those Fresh 48 pictures but have the time to rest and prep before hand.   A lot of my families love the Hello Baby Story for coming home from the NICU like the above photographs or an adoption coming home story.  I love calling it, Hello Baby, because it is truly about the first 48hrs you are saying hello to your baby.  However and whenever they join your family.


The Hello Baby interview documentary sessions are a great option families wanting to capture life within the first 48hrs but with a little spin.  These session are filmed and happen within the first 48hrs either at the hospital or at home.  You will be interviewed about your birth and the experience while it is still fresh in your mind.  This gives you not only the amazing moments of a fresh 48, but the story that goes with it.  These videos will be given to you on a custom USB, along with an online sharing option for family and friends to view.