As my husband and I were looking toward expanding our family through adoption, I found myself wondering how I wanted to share this story with my adoptive child(ren).  For Axle’s birth we had a birth photographer and from that I started dreaming of an adoption photographer and how I wanted to tell our story.  As the weeks went on I started thinking of my future child’s birth mom.  What about her?  What will this experience mean for her and will she have anything to remember this moment?  


The idea of offering free sessions to birth moms was born.  I contacted local adoption agencies and found one that was just as in love and as passionate in giving these moms a special album of photos that they could cherish forever.  I come in for an hour or two and just take photos for the birth mom, I get any shots that she might want.  Then she receives an album of 30 of their favorite images and a CD with all images.  


“A birth mom puts the needs of her child before the wants of her heart”


I want to tell your story.  I want you, as a birth mom, to have more then cell phone pictures of your little one.  If that means we photograph the birth, fresh 48, or documentary newborn session, I want you to have sweet memories of the difficult decision you are boldly making for your baby.  


These photos are for you to proudly show your story of motherhood.  You gave them a life that you knew you couldn’t give on your own.  You are amazing!  In the past, women used to give birth and have their adoptions done in private, told never to talk about it and to just move on.  I don’t want you to feel that your baby is something you cannot be proud of because you truly are putting the needs of your child, before the wants of your heart.


If you are a birth mom or know of a birth mom please contact me.