These ‘Day in the Life’ sessions are the soul and heart of why I do what I do.  These sessions are for terminally ill family members.  Facing terminal illness is very personal for me and inspired me to see the importance of preserving everyday memories.  


In 2013 my husband was diagnosed with testicular cancer.  Our son was 9 months old at the time and I was faced with the fears that our young son might not ever know his dad. Thankfully Cody was able to go through a few hard months of chemo and was given the great news that they saw no more.  Currently we are going through the 5 years of checkups required before he is deemed 100% cancer free.  

During that time, I watched the man I love go through chemo and yet still fight to be apart of our family as much as he could.  I watched him play with our son and live in the moment, despite the internal battle he was fighting daily.  Our little boy is his whole world, but Axle would never really know, had the chemo not worked.   Our son would only have had his birth photos and a collection of cell phone pictures I took during the first year, along with a few cell phone videos.  And so I started photographing with my professional camera and take photos that I wanted Axle to remember, to have and look at someday about this time in our lives.  From this trying time in our life, the ‘Love You Forever: DITL’ sessions were born.


The ‘Love You Forever: DITL’ sessions include a short consultation the night before to meet the family and get acquainted.  


The following morning,  I wake up and start photographing everything from the moment your eyes open to the moment they closed again for the night.  


I want to shoot your everyday life, to remind you what life is like right now and to give family members something to look back on.  


I want your kids to know see how despite the difficulty it was for you to get up, you walked into the room with a smile on your face ready to do whatever they needed.  Your strength shines through your pain and that will be remembered and cherished by your family.


I want them to remember how you used to cut their sandwiches in different shapes and write love notes on the napkins before sending them to school.


I want them to remember how you read them books and would sing their favorite lullabies before they went to bed.


And within this album of your family photos, I encourage you to write letters and words of wisdom that can be added into the album.  To see your thoughts, handwriting, and love coming through the pages in a variety of different ways.

If you know a family member that is terminally ill or you are facing illness and this is something that you would like to give your family, please contact me.