A Day in The Life

                                                             . EVERYDAY STORIES . FOREVER TOLD .


   Where were you a year ago?

I love when clients schedule appointments for the same day, a year later.  Each year we document their family’s progress and ever-changing family dynamic, filling their bookshelves with memories that will now last forever.       

It is basically all about telling where you are at right now; you aren’t going to be here for long.  Whether you are currently living in a barn while waiting to build your house or adjusting to the new normal of a recent diagnosis, seasons change before our eyes and the days are worth remembering.     

The ‘DITL’ documentary sessions are  great for families wanting to capture more than an iPhone photo.  Ideal for families wanting to document a special time or season in their life, this type of photography offers more than the traditional session.  My pictures capture raw emotions, relationships, and where you are developmentally at that point in time.    


I don't make pretty, posed pictures; I encapsulate beautiful memories into lasting imagery.


If your house is burning down and you can only grab one picture, what will it be? Is it a beach family photo with all matching shirts and each person smiling at the camera?  Or is it the photo of you laughing, crying, or playing with someone who means the world to you, an image that preserves your memories of a certain season in your life.


My goal is to take the photo you would run back into the house to grab.


The good things and the painful things make up our lives and our personal stories.  These everyday gems are what make up your story today, right now.  Posed photography only reveals one angle, but documentary styled imagery tells more of the whole story, a beautiful story of real life.  Through the generations, what will last and what will tell the story of our lives?     


Your relationships, your emotions, and your feelings, all of these developmental stages and phases in life are worth remembering because they are the stories you won’t even know you miss until they are gone.  


I want to capture those stories for you and you will have them forever.


I want to capture those first few days with your newborn baby, when time stopped and your days were spent holding her close.


I want to capture that year when your child lost six teeth and his smile had so many holes he looked like a Jack-O-Lantern.


I want to capture that season when you experienced joy within the chaos, surrounded by toddler fingerprints and spilled goldfish snacks.  


Daily Life (12 hours):

This is my most common session.

I arrive the night before and get to know you and your family without pulling out my camera..  This gives everyone the opportunity  to get to know me and feel more comfortable.

Then as you wake up I start documenting your day. From the day you make breakfast,  through the laughs and trials of the day to the books you read and song you sing to sleep.  

Once everyone has gone to bed my day will also be done.


A Moment in Time (1-2 hour):

The Mini ‘DITL’ documentary sessions are a great option families wanting to capture a particular moment, like baking cookies, a child’s soccer game, or bringing home baby for the first time.


 The Red Red Robin (morning) or Good Night Moon (evening) - 6 hours:


Half day sessions are great for families wanting to remember nightly routines, trips to the State Fair and the preparation of the first day of school.


Both are ideal for families wanting to document a special time in their life, with a smaller investment as compared to the full ‘Day in the Life’ sessions.    




Let me document your vacation for you!  Be in the pictures with your family and enjoy not having to worry about carrying your own gear around.  These are moments you want to last and once in a lifetime experiences.  From Disney world to the beach to a 15 hour road trip.


Why would you want a photographer to come with you on vacation?


I come so you can remember just how much fun that vacation was, and even the waking up or staying out late.   This way everyone is in the pictures.  When you look back at the pictures you will remember everything that happened, everything you did and remember just how much fun a vacation is.  


I also have an underwater camera, so i’m all for jumping in the pool or going in the ocean.   

I have a one day rate and then have discounts if I’m on a 3+ day vacation.  This also is available for those that vacation right here in DFW

None of these seasons will stay around, let’s capture them before they are gone.  Let’s tell Your Story.