Playground with Two

Playground with Two

from 250.00

We’ll plan a playdate at the location of your choice and let kids do what they do

best—PLAY! I’ll bring my camera and capture those real, unscripted

moments. It’s time to get you out from behind the camera and into your family’s

photographs. Let’s catch your little one’s belly laughs as they run through the grass and

that ear-to- ear smile as they interact with you and their closest playmates.

How Project Playground works:

- Spread the joy and the payments! Bring your friends and family along, and split a base

fee of $125/hour. For example, if there are five members, you may each pay $25/hour.

This fee covers session time only.

- Playtime continues four weeks later at the Sip-N- See Party. Here you’ll have the chance

to view and order your images!

Wall art, albums, prints, and digital files will be available.

-I will then hand-deliver your forever moments!

**** Option for second shooter presence available for base of $250/hour. This extra set

of eyes, hands and camera will be able to add lifestyle photography to our candid mix.



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