What image is your favorite and why?

Dallas Baylor Birth Photographer

Photos last a lifetime

Being a photographer myself, I knew that documenting my daughter’s birth was something that was extremely mportant to me. Even my expectations were exceeded, and I have been amazed at the emotions the photos have brought back. Photos last a lifetime, and in the heat of the moment, or even surgery, it all seems to pass so quickly. Having my daughter’s birth photographed will help us to remember those raw emotions on one of the biggest days of our lives. It is extremely hard to pick a favorite because there are so many important moments captured that day. We love how she captured it all- how scared I was and my husband catching my tears, my face after I heard our daughter cry for the first time, and we especially love the ones of our oldest daughter getting to see her little sister for the first time.

- Adria

Fort Worth Birth Photographer


"To have my birth photograph means everything to me. They are precious moments that capture the most beautiful time in my family’s life. I can remember how I felt exactly in each photo and the feelings start to come to life as I view them. There are two images that really impact me and bring me to tears. I remember vividly the moment I had to be taken in the operation room and feeling all sorts of emotions, nervous and anxious to meet my little one. The photo captures when my husband and I shared a kissed goodbye and I realized that’s the last time I will see him until my son arrives. As well as the moment my son was placed on my chest and I felt his skin on mine own. My sons smile in the photo shows me that he felt the same earderst to see me as well. I love that I have the photos to cherish for a lifetime and one day share the story with my son."

- Vanessa


our story

" Oh man. Where to even begin with Kourtnie. Obviously her photos are the best. Look around- you will NOT find a birth photographer who captures these beautiful moments better. Trust me. I looked at just about every birth photographer in DFW. So hands down you will walk away with the most beautiful photos you could imagine. Raw. Real. Perfectly you and your baby. No doubt they will amaze you and be cherished forever. 
But more than her amazing photos- Kourtnie brought so much more to my birth. She stuck it out with us (for several days) until our sweet girl arrived. She wasn’t just there snapping photos. She was engaged, supportive and became part of our team. I walked out of there feeling like she was a long time friend sharing such a personal and beautiful time with us. I could gush on and on. Just hire her. I guarantee you won’t regret it."



Her Tribe

At 32 weeks I decided to switch providers and do a homebirth, most people are lucky to have a doula but I was blessed enough to have 3. Not only were they my doulas but my best friends, they made my homebirth vbac possible, without them I couldn't have done it. It's incredible that without much communication they each knew their "place" you can see the strength I was given due to theses amazing woman and for that I will forever cherish them.



Hello Dear

Here is my favorite pic (although I just had to randomly pick one of a few favorites because I couldn't decide!! This is also what took me so long to get back to you lol)

This one is my "favorite" because it captures how she looked in the first few moments with her perfectly.


pieces of me

Pieces of Me

This momma wanted a natural birth at home, but due to medical reasons had to have baby at the hospital. She was in early labor for two days, then was induced naturally at the hospital. Unfortunately they had to give pitocin to the mom, after 16 hours of active labor she only progressed to a 6. She kept telling them something was wrong, she was right. She knew her body needed rest, she reluctantly opted for an epidural. She was heart broken over it, she felt defeated. She was given the epidural, less than an hour later the baby was born. She was crowning, her body just needed to relax. After three contractions, she delivered a healthy rainbow baby. We discovered the water broke during pushing, the baby was born sunny side up and looking at us when he was delivered. The placenta had detached inside the momma before the baby was born making it a great risk, but everyone did amazing. Not the birth the mom planned out, but it was a healing one. She brought her son home with her this time. She didn't die giving birth this time, she got to see her placenta in all its glory this time, she labored peacefully and gracefully, she was supported and she was able to trust the midwives and birth team. For once she wasn't scared, for once they listened to her, they acknowledged her knowledge our her own body and trusted her, for once she could heal from traumas of the past, from the losses of her 5 angels in heaven and cry tears of joy instead of sorrow. This momma went through a lot, that placenta meant more to her than anyone will ever know, seeing her son alert on her body looking at her broke her to her very core reminding her how beautiful birth is. She was freed from the pain of the traumas.


"I Give Birth With Everything I Have.  I Hold Nothing Back"

This one shows power, focus, surrender, support. It's that moment where all of the work crescendos to the peak of what we've all been waiting and laboring for. It totally encompasses my affirmation of "I give this birth everything I have. I hold nothing back." I felt safe. I could surrender to birth without fear.



From Dad:

So this one is my favorite. If there was ever a picture that depicts exactly what it is that Rachel and I do for each other, feel for each other, or go through for each other this is it. We are no longer ever alone because we are always with each other. Inside and out. Spirit and flesh. I find comfort in knowing that what ever pain she will go through she'll never have to go through it alone. She will have me. love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things and most IMPORTANTLY endures all things(Corinthians 13:7). I will honestly claim that we were gifted to find what we have between each other.