Fort Worth , Texas | Birth Story of Elias O’Neill Ulate

Fort Worth Harris Methodist Hospital VBAC birth photography.  The patch on her arm is an Omnipod Insulin Pump, which is used by people with diabetes. Fort Worth, Texas 

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Why Videography? My Personal Thoughts

Why did I a birth photographer, videographer, wife, mother of two decide to have a videographer at my own births?  Talking about my Birth at Edenway in Cleburne Texas and again with my daughter's home birth.  Both our births were with the Edenway team and Terry Gyde was our midwife.

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DFW, Texas | The Dallas Home Birth of Asher Isaiah Dae

"Good morning, today a baby is born" A early morning home birth in Dallas, Texas of Asher.  Welcomed by his birth team, midwife, mother, father, grandmother and two very excited big sisters.

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Dallas / Fort Worth Texas | Cesarean Birth Photography

Harris Downtown Cesarean Birth Forth Worth, Texas

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International Association of Professional Birth Photographers, 2017 Competition
What is "On-Call"?

What does on-call mean in the birth photography world?  What should you know about your birth photographer?  I want to be a birth photographer , now what?

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Test to First