Dallas / Fort Worth Texas Birth Photographer | The Birth Story of Scout Madelynn Dawn Weed

Birth Stories.  I love being apart of an amazing team, of being trusted with such a life changing moment in a families life.  I am beyond excited to share this amazing story with you today, along with the mother's own words.


"Thursday August 11th 2016 seemed to be a typical day, I was 40 weeks and 3 days. The day before I had driven to Burleson to get adjusted by the amazing Dr. Kristen, I had no expectations of going into labor anytime soon since all of my other births were inductions and a c-section. Around 2pm on the 11th I started noticing this annoying pinching feeling in my cervix; I was at work just trying to ignore it. 3 o'clock came and I decided to message my midwife Mercy, we were busy at work so I was unable to leave until 5:30pm.

Mercy met me at my home and checked me I was 3cm 75% effaced. I didn't want get my hopes up but I was definitely thinking this could be it! My mother-in-law Sophia called and asked me to meet her to get pedicures. Of course I wasn't going to pass that up but I had began noticing some cramping and tightening. I told Anthony "I think I'm having like real contractions" I got in the car and drove down the road to meet Sophia. As soon as I pulled up to the nail salon the tightening got stronger and the cramps more painful. I walked in to her smiling asking "Is this it baby girl?" clearly she could tell my discomfort from my face. I was in complete denial at this point. I soon realized that my contractions were regular enough to time. They were coming on every 2 1/2 mins and lasting 50-60 seconds with showing no signs of slowing down or letting up.

At 6:39PM I took a screenshot of the ones I had timed and sent them to Mercy and my doula Liz. I think everyone went into a state of slight panic with how fast this was progressing. Liz was on her way and Mercy notified her 2 student midwifes that this was it! My father-in-law drove me back to the house because at this point I was unable to talk let alone drive during the contractions ,

Mercy pulled up 5 mins later. I changed out of my clothes and into comfy shorts and a sports bra. Can I even begin to tell you how awesome it was to labor in my own home? Walking around and listening to my own music. I face timed my dad as we were getting the pool set up. It was almost 8PM when Ashley and Jennifer both arrived. Liz arrived shortly thereafter and that's when my contractions switched completely into back labor; this was an all too familiar feeling. I remember looking at Liz and saying "Are you fucking kidding me! They are in my back again just like they were with Baylor!" at that moment I realized how hard this was going to be and prayed it would be fast. Now if you have ever had the pleasure of experiencing back labor it's pretty much hell on earth. Liz got out her tens unit which was AHHHMAZING, still painful but manageable at that point. Sharon, Brooke and Sophia were the next to arrive."

Sharon was my hip squeeze queen while Liz rubbed my sacrum with this cool massage thing and Brooke my human birth affirmation, she kept me calm and talked me through the contractions while the others worked my body through them.

Things were picking up fast, I was told to try sitting backwards on the toilet through a few contractions. Liz was a little hesitant at this point because my photographer Kourtnie wasn't there yet, 9:05PM and Kourtnie walked through the door . We walked back to the bathroom and I sat, oooh lord I tried to breath through those contractions but at that point they were taking my breath away, after 3 contractions. I couldn't take it anymore and got up and asked Jennifer to check me, I was 7cm and 100%.

That's when I got in the tub, it was around 9:45PM the water felt amazing but honestly didn't do much for the pain. This is the point I really don't remember much and everything happened so fast, the contractions were on top of each other now and I wasn't getting any break. I asked Anthony to get in the water with me and I was feeling the urge to push while I was contracting. My worst fear during this all was the feeling of my water breaking LOL I have no idea why I feared that so much, I had this extremely strong contraction and just like I had feared this painful pop, I screamed "FUCK". I knew it was getting close I looked over at the clock 10:13PM Anthony was so in tune with me reassuring I could do this. I flipped over to my back and laid in his lap and let my body do its thing, 2 pushes and her head was coming out I yelled "I can't do this, I can't" while I was trying to push my legs closed as if that was going to do anything. Jennifer was telling me to ease her head out and that I was going to feel her turn, I gave one more push and reached down to grab my baby, she was born earth side at 10:19PM, I pulled her up to my chest.

I couldn't believe I had done it! I got my homebirth waterbirth, I looked at her in awe I had a daughter. After I delivered the placenta we headed to the bedroom to get situated. I tore a bit but didn't require any stitches (thank god), the midwifes were checking her out doing her newborn exam. We all were taking guesses at her weight, I was sure she was only 7lbs she was so tiny compared to the boys. I remember Jennifer having this awesome grin on her face 8lbs 13oz! I was shocked, Baylor was my biggest he was 9lbs 9oz.

Everyone finished cleaning up and got ready to head home, it was just after midnight. I hugged and thanked everyone for everything they had done for us.

I had switched providers at 32 weeks, my previous midwife knew in my heart I wanted to have an out of hospital birth and because of her I did. I can never thank Mercy enough for taking me on as client and making my dreams of not only having a waterbirth come true but a homebirth as well. I am so proud of myself for believing in myself and my body and following my heart, Scout's birth was so fast and so intense, I honestly couldn't have done it without my amazing birth team.

Midwife: Mercy Eizenga with Comforts of Home Midwifery

Student Midwives: Jennifer Milliron Atherton & Ashley Stanton

Doulas: Liz Caballero, Sharon Rose Vandygriff & Brooke Davis


Denton, Texas - DFW Birth Story