Dallas / Fort Worth Texas | Cesarean Birth Photography

Connecting families to their birth story is one of the many reasons they choose birth photography and/or film to capture their "everyday moments, forever told"....the birth of their baby!

cesarean twin birth


My name is Kourtnie Walker Scholz, I own KE Documentary & I capture these moments. Birth is real, raw, and unscripted. To be the one that families hire to share this amazing journey is my utmost privilege.   


Cesarean births are not commonly photographed for birthing families due to some hospitals' regulations in the operating room where the surgery is performed. In Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, there are hospitals who employ staff and doctors that work closely with their patients and the birth photography community. 


They trust me to tell the mother's story. They respect me to understand the procedures involved in this delicate surgical process, and I  respect their roles as clinical care providers. I am honored and grateful for the mutual trust connection between us.


Most hospitals only allow one support person into the operating room. That individual usually sits near the mom's head and is there for her emotional support & comfort. The connection between mothers and her support person is necessary. This loving individual focuses on her and the birth, while I am able to capture those sweet moments between the two of them.  With the unique position that I have, I am able to share the full story from all sides, all views, every angle of my lens.


When mothers deliver their child, vaginally they have the option to watch and touch their baby as he comes into the world.


Mothers whose births results in a cesarean delivery entrust me to capture that connection.  They aren’t able to see what is going on during the surgery most of the time, unless special provisions are made.  Mothers are able to look at images of their moments in birth and see how amazing it was; to have that connection is invaluable.  To see how their body nourished and developed their child and then to welcome him “earthside," is priceless. 


It is wonderful to capture these moments for families to create ‘everyday moments, forever told!’


 On November 17th 2016, as we welcome their sons in a beautiful and rare moment at a local Ft. Worth, TX hospital, I share Liz and Cole's Birth Story.