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Let me document your vacation for you!  Be in the photographs with your family and enjoy not having to worry about carrying your own gear around.  These are moments you want to last and once in a lifetime experiences.  From Disney world to the beach to a 15 hour road trip.

Why would you want a photographer to come with you on vacation?

I come so you can remember just how much fun that vacation was, and even the waking up or staying out late.   This way everyone is in the photographs.  When you look back at your vacation you will remember everything that happened, everything you did and remember just how much fun a vacation is.  

I also have underwater camera gear, so i’m all for jumping in the pool or going in the ocean.   

I have a one day rate and then have discounts if I’m on a 3+ day vacation.  This also is available for those that vacation right here in DFW, Texas.